Valentine's Day

Hello everyone,

This is just a notification for a local community event for any of those interested:

Valentine❤ KiraKira Performance
Date and Time: 2019 February 14(Thurs)19:00 start
Location: Kobe Shinkaichi,  Kirakukan (喜楽館)
Contents: Come and enjoy stage performances from various artists and performers!
Language: English if possible
Tickets: Tickets on sale now! Can be ordered by email or direct purchases at Kirakukan
Contact Details:
          E-mail  [email protected]
          Kobe Shinkaichi,  Kirakukan (喜楽館) (078-335-7088)

Flu infographic

For your information, I thought I would pass along this list of facilities that are doing flu vaccines this year. Prices, times, dates, and availability vary by location, so be sure to call first if you decide to go get vaccinated. Locations with a circle in the rightmost column are giving vaccinations for everyone aged 1 through 64. 

Below, please find a rough translation of the text at the top of the page.

Click the link for the pdf list of locations, which are sorted by ward

[Kobe City] 
Routine immunization program for the elderly and list of influenza vaccination locations for persons aged 1-64

List of participating medical institutions

  1. A circle indicates that vaccinations are available for this group. Be sure to consult with the doctors at your chosen location.
  2. Times and dates for inoculations vary by medical institution. Please contact the hospital or clinic of your choice beforehand.
  3. The institutions on this list have agreed to give inoculations, but there is a possibility that limitations to the vaccine supply or the needs of existing patients may render the vaccines unavailable. 
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