I would like to express my extreme personal disappointment in the KEC and the School Education Division for the obvious, complete lack of understanding, let alone support, for an online educational resource for language and culture education in Kobe. To not understand the value of encouraging modern, technology-focused educational initiatives is unacceptable in 2018 in a country widely regarded as a world leader in technology development.

To date, the only proactive action taken by these bureaucratic entities has been to recently block the KobeJET resource on school networks. No notices were sent out ahead of this action to inform the teaching community. No requests or contact of any kind was attempted with the site managers to rectify any issues with maintaining compliance with guidelines, rules or regulations.

The KEC and School Education Division are failing in their duties to improve the quality of education for the students of Kobe. The use of technology, and encouraging and facilitating the creation of cooperative, engaging content are not backburner agenda items. They are priorities. And currently the only contributions to this effort have been several meetings that resulted in no tangible progress, and the blocking of the only Kobe, volunteer-made, digital resource available.

If this is the best the KEC and School Education Division have to offer - students will suffer.

If the individuals that comprise these bureaucratic entities, in possession of self-will, are unable to battle the entrenched bureaucratic mindset that "if I don't change anything or try to introduce anything new, I can't be blamed" - the next generation will suffer.

If the only recognizable impact of their actions continues to showcase gross negligence of their primary responsibilities - to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence - to the point of actually hindering external efforts to advance and improve education... at best, Kobe will continue to slip in position as a respected international leader in innovation, and at worst become a well-known example of "what not to do".

With the sincere hope these words encourage critical thinking,

David L. Dowell, Webmaster for KobeJET

Flu infographic

For your information, I thought I would pass along this list of facilities that are doing flu vaccines this year. Prices, times, dates, and availability vary by location, so be sure to call first if you decide to go get vaccinated. Locations with a circle in the rightmost column are giving vaccinations for everyone aged 1 through 64. 

Below, please find a rough translation of the text at the top of the page.

Click the link for the pdf list of locations, which are sorted by ward

[Kobe City] 
Routine immunization program for the elderly and list of influenza vaccination locations for persons aged 1-64

List of participating medical institutions

  1. A circle indicates that vaccinations are available for this group. Be sure to consult with the doctors at your chosen location.
  2. Times and dates for inoculations vary by medical institution. Please contact the hospital or clinic of your choice beforehand.
  3. The institutions on this list have agreed to give inoculations, but there is a possibility that limitations to the vaccine supply or the needs of existing patients may render the vaccines unavailable. 

Hello everyone, 

Our office will be hosting training events for elementary school teachers on Tuesday, November 27th and Thursday, December 13th. We are seeking about 20-25 ALTs for each day. 

There is no preparation required - participants will be briefed on the day. The main focus will be conversation practice, so that the ES teachers can practice their English with native speakers. 

If you are available and interested in joining us on either or both of these dates, please let me know. As a reminder, be sure to check with your OTEs and school staff before replying.

New user registration

Incoming ALT(s) can click here to register their new KobeJET account login.

Please include your assigned school(s) and a short introduction - tell us where you're from, some of your hobbies or interests, what are you most looking forward to living in Japan, etc.

We look forward to meeting you!


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