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Phase 2 of the KobeJET site relaunch is here! Along with the regular smattering of bug fixes and performance improvements, we bring you MAPS and MAPS!

Check out our new locations of interest map for restaurants, parks, local hikes, and more in Kobe. Then add your own places of intrigue!

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We are ecstatic to announce the launch of the new Kobe JET website!

The new site provides a host of improvements, including a more streamlined and user-friendly lesson search page, easier content management and contribution process, and a modern, mobile-first experience.

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Our brand new media system is up and running! You will now find it even easier to browse and upload images, audio, and documents.

Please take a moment to review our new Image policy & guidelines as well, to understand web standards for using appropriately sourced images, and help us keep KobeJET as an amazing and open, free online resource for all educators and students.

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Seasonal recommendations

  • Cartoon Grinch who stole Christmas image

    The Grinch Christmas Lesson

    To review familiar vocabulary through listening to and watching the original Grinch cartoon, and to analyze the meaning of Christmas to other cultures through observation. Summary: This Christmas…
  • Two hands folding a piece of origami

    Origami Santa Christmas Lesson

    To review directions and shapes using origami while engaging in cultural exchange. Summary: This lesson combines English, origami, and Christmas into a fun cultural exchange activity. The students…
  • Christmas art collage of a tree and person

    Christmas Card (ES: Shapes & Colors)

    Review shapes, colors, "What do you want?" After students have already learned numbers, colors, shapes you can use this lesson to review and get them into the holiday spirit (if your school…
  • Peppa the pig cartoon

    Peppa's Christmas

    To introduce Christmas traditions in western countries to young learners This activity is really simple: watch the Peppa Pig Christmas special, and get the kids to do the worksheet while they watch.…
  • Christmas - Jingle Bells

    Jingle Bells
    Frank Sinatra

  • Christmas - Jingle Bells

    Jingle Bells
    Frank Sinatra

  • White Christmas

    White Christmas
    Frank Sinatra

  • Santa coming to town cartoon

    Santa Claus is Coming to Town Listening Activity

    Listening practice Students listen to the song "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and fill in the blanks on the attached worksheet. A word list can be added if needed. You can play a youtube video, or…
  • I want Santa to

    exposure to Christmas in a cultural context and to practice productive skills with writing (Disclaimer: worksheet no longer available) Begin the lesson with side one of the worksheet which is the…

Recent content

Phillip Phillips

Gone, Gone, Gone

By: Kazuki Nakano
Type: Song
  • Music video with lyrics
  • Audio player
  • Lyrics table - translations and downloadable!
WeXpats Jobs logo

WeXpats Jobs

By: Kobe JET admin
Type: Information

Japan Job site for foreigners

English Speaking Cosmetic Dentist

By: Jack Goldman
Type: Location

Dr. Yamada went to school in Portland, Oregon so his English is perfect. He takes national health insurance and is a just a really good dentist in general. Definitely reccomend his services if you chip a tooth.

Cartoon image of 4 rental bikes

Spark Scone & Bicycle

By: Tyler Van Parys
Type: Location

A cafe that also loans out really nice bikes for a great daily deal!

The staff is very friendly and helpful. And the bikes ride like a dream.

Great for some day adventures, or exploring around places you wouldnt otherwise be able to get to.

Dima Coffee picture of the store front

Lima Coffee

By: Brant Tichko
Type: Location

A staple in the Kobe Coffee community. Located between both JR Kobe and JR Motomachi, and just south of the Shoutengai. It’s a little bit out of the way, but definitely worth the walk. True to the style of new age coffee shops in Japan, the focus is the coffee not the atmosphere. As such the seating is limited to a couple benches in front of…


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