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By Kobe JET, 21 April, 2024

The latest Phase 5 Release (v1.5) comes with a number of improvements, including:

  1. Improved translations - the site is now much more useful for native Japanese speakers. Many content items such as taxonomies and terms, information pages, and songs have been fully translated, but there are still quite a few lessons that still need to be translated. Please contact us if you'd like to help with translations.
  2. Improved Glossary search - find and add relevant terms with a faster, more user-friendly interface.
  3. Various fixes, increased performance, and improved reliability for the downloadable Progressive Web App site version for mobile devices.
  4. Users now have the option to show their own location on maps for easier locating and navigation.
  5. The admin toolbar has also been enabled for general use. There is an outstanding bug where certain option users don't have access to will still appear, but we want users to be able to begin using this feature as it will also be undergoing an update in the near future which will enhance its functionality as well as address the "Access Denied" issue depending on the user's current role.
By デビッド, 1 January, 2024

I have really enjoyed updating and managing the KobeJET website for the past 7 years. It has been both a fun hobby and useful tool in trying multiple new web technologies that I have used in other websites for the US Forest Service, FCC, BehaveNet, and more - and that I've been able to update in return from lessons learned.

But while I fully intend to keep hosting the site, providing updates, and continuing to use it as an example of what is possible with Drupal 10.2 and beyond, I would like to hand off all actual JET questions and interactions to current ALTs.

The site has a lot of potential for helping new and current ALTs connect with their communities, learn about their schools and sempais/kouhais, and share information about the city, resources, and on and on.

If you might be interested in becoming the new KobeJET admin, please send a short introduction to and I will follow up with you to verify your status as a current ALT and next steps to help you get up and running on the site.

By Kobe JET, 28 October, 2023

You may not have noticed much a change on the front side of things (which is a good thing!), but is now running on the latest version of the open source Drupal 10 CMS!!πŸ₯³

And just in time for Halloween!πŸŽƒ This comes with numerous feature and performance improvements for all users - lesson and favorite location perusers, content contributors, and user managers. And we are still looking for all three. So if you're interested in getting more involved with KobeJET in any capacity, please let us know! Translating πŸ™ŠπŸˆΊ, managing the current JETs directoryπŸ“š, adding or adopting and updating lessons...πŸš€ the list goes on and on.

We hope you enjoy the latest updates and look forward to your feedback! Oh, and we added emojis too!😊

By Kobe JET, 22 May, 2023

Big shout out and thank you to 2 dedicated volunteers, Dania and Denisa, who have finished mapping the rest of the schools. Through perseverance and sweat, they added 150 schools in the last day alone - WOW!!

Take a look and check out the full school map! You can easily search by School name, block number, or level/type.

If you'd like to help us in updating school info, including the current ALT(s) or contact information - let us know!

By Kobe JET, 23 April, 2023

We've just finished launching our release for Phase 2 of KobeJET updates.

This release comes with quite a few bug fixes and Quality of Life (QoL) improvements, including map enhancements, core and modules updates, and several improvements to user and content flows. This update was also important in getting us ready to upgrade to Drupal 10, which will bring a host of new and updated features as well. A few improvements coming include:

  • The new CKEditor 5 content editor
  • Easier and more comprehensive Japanese translation coverage for lessons, announcements, UI and navigational elements, and more
  • Better corresponding links between connected entities - for example, between schools and ALTs
By Kobe JET, 29 June, 2022

Phase 2 of the KobeJET site relaunch is here! Along with the regular smattering of bug fixes and performance improvements, we bring you MAPS and MAPS!

Check out our new locations of interest map for restaurants, parks, local hikes, and more in Kobe. Then add your own places of intrigue!

Find your school on the schools map - where you'll find the current ALTs, contact information, and more. If your school isn't on the map yet, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3 to add the address.

Note: some map features and information are only available when logged in.

By デビッド, 25 April, 2022

We are ecstatic to announce the launch of the new Kobe JET website!

The new site provides a host of improvements, including a more streamlined and user-friendly lesson search page, easier content management and contribution process, and a modern, mobile-first experience.

Current users are encouraged to help test and provide feedback in our updated ticket system. And of course new users can register to participate, access our full libraries of content, and add new lessons, blogs, and more!

By デビッド, 7 March, 2022

Our brand new media system is up and running! You will now find it even easier to browse and upload images, audio, and documents.

Please take a moment to review our new Image policy & guidelines as well, to understand web standards for using appropriately sourced images, and help us keep KobeJET as an amazing and open, free online resource for all educators and students.

By デビッド, 8 February, 2021

We have a new, modern media system for KobeJET!

The system has already been implemented with our information pages and song content. Now we need help moving the images for lessons. This creates a media library with easily searchable and reusable media elements, including images, audio and other files.

If interested in helping out with this intitiative, contact us using our webform or directly at!

By デビッド, 12 April, 2020

All teachers and educators - even retired or returned from living in Japan - are welcome to participate and get involved with KobeJET's online resources and community tools.

You don't need to be an ALT to contribute; if you're interested in supporting language and culture exchange or another resource, contact us.

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