KobeJET Phase 5 Released!

By デビッド, 21 April, 2024

The latest Phase 5 Release (v1.5) comes with a number of improvements, including:

  1. Improved translations - the site is now much more useful for native Japanese speakers. Many content items such as taxonomies and terms, information pages, and songs have been fully translated, but there are still quite a few lessons that still need to be translated. Please contact us if you'd like to help with translations.
  2. Improved Glossary search - find and add relevant terms with a faster, more user-friendly interface.
  3. Various fixes, increased performance, and improved reliability for the downloadable Progressive Web App site version for mobile devices.
  4. Users now have the option to show their own location on maps for easier locating and navigation.
  5. The admin toolbar has also been enabled for general use. There is an outstanding bug where certain option users don't have access to will still appear, but we want users to be able to begin using this feature as it will also be undergoing an update in the near future which will enhance its functionality as well as address the "Access Denied" issue depending on the user's current role.


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