The new KobeJET admin could be you!!

By デビッド, 1 January, 2024

I have really enjoyed updating and managing the KobeJET website for the past 7 years. It has been both a fun hobby and useful tool in trying multiple new web technologies that I have used in other websites for the US Forest Service, FCC, BehaveNet, and more - and that I've been able to update in return from lessons learned.

But while I fully intend to keep hosting the site, providing updates, and continuing to use it as an example of what is possible with Drupal 10.2 and beyond, I would like to hand off all actual JET questions and interactions to current ALTs.

The site has a lot of potential for helping new and current ALTs connect with their communities, learn about their schools and sempais/kouhais, and share information about the city, resources, and on and on.

If you might be interested in becoming the new KobeJET admin, please send a short introduction to and I will follow up with you to verify your status as a current ALT and next steps to help you get up and running on the site.


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