Update release 1.3

By デビッド, 28 October, 2023

You may not have noticed much a change on the front side of things (which is a good thing!), but KobeJET.com is now running on the latest version of the open source Drupal 10 CMS!!🥳

And just in time for Halloween!🎃 This comes with numerous feature and performance improvements for all users - lesson and favorite location perusers, content contributors, and user managers. And we are still looking for all three. So if you're interested in getting more involved with KobeJET in any capacity, please let us know! Translating 🙊🈺, managing the current JETs directory📚, adding or adopting and updating lessons...🚀 the list goes on and on.

We hope you enjoy the latest updates and look forward to your feedback! Oh, and we added emojis too!😊


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