1 Semester

Music genre project


Students each create a poster and do an oral presentation on an international music genre and artist of their choice.


1.Introduce students to music genres. For example classical, rap, rock, country, reggae, zook, folk, indie, Mongolian Throat singing, Indian music, calypso etc.

Give them a list of genres with a short description in English for each one (musical instruments, speed, type of vocals etc). Go through the list with the students to make sure they understand.

Pen Pal Project

This Pen Pal project is designed to teach your students how to adapt their own Jico-Shoukai (Self introduction) into a more intersting and full description of themselves, their lives, and the culture they live in.  Using this more in depth portrait of themselves they will learn how to talk to people from other countries about themselves in a more interestsing way, whilst learning about the fascinating differences between their two cultures.  To compliment this, new devices and expressions in English regarding sending and recieving letters and understanding foreign addresses will be learned.


We (Naoko Miyashige and Becky Cassie) teach a class together 3 times a week for a subject called ‘Cultural Understanding.’ We use the textbook ‘JTALK.’ We have stamp cards, which contribute to the students’ grades, but we also use a motivational poster.

On the poster we have:

ENJOY English Ticket Reward System!

(Files no longer available)

Over the past two years I have been making weekly English tickets that I use as currency at my school. This system has been so incredibly successful in motivating my students that I wish to share it with you all.

Its a super simple run of the mill reward system, however what sets mine apart is the constant churning out of new designs week after week and having my OTEs completely on board to the point where 10% of the students final grade is reliant upon their collection of said tickets.

How does it work:

Elementary School Yearly Schedule

Ever walked into school and been approached by one of your shouggakou teachers asking '1時間目 4年生 何でもいい OK?'

No drama, I got you =)

This is a yearly schedule I created for my 3-4 elementary classes, it covers an array of topics to prepare the children for the English used in Hi Friends, its also a bunch of fun!

All of the resources listed can be found on SpeakRaku, Englipedia or a simple google search, some activities will require some prep work (googling images, laminating and photocopying).