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By Jessica Kavanagh, 21 March, 2017

The aim of the KICP is to encourage the students to speak with foreigners in English and develop an interest in people from other countries. The game show format makes it fun and exciting and helps break down some of the nerves the students may have about speaking with strangers.

It takes roughly 6 lessons and works best at the end of the first grade when the students have developed their speaking skills through the hamburger shop/asking directions/answering the telephone modules.

By David Dowell, 21 March, 2017


In EUB, a reading course, we spent a unit focusing on two people whose actions have positively affected the lives of many people in their homelands and around the world: Wangari Maathai and Muhammad Yunus, both of whom have won the Nobel Peace Prize for their work.


At the end of the unit students were asked to form pairs and then do the following:

By Jennifer Frederick, 21 March, 2017

This activity was done on Rokko Island, but it can be adapted for your neighborhood. The key component is to find English speaking store owners and residents in the area around your school.


Building Background Knowledge

By Amanda Paul, 21 March, 2017


Students present an international festival in pairs to the class using pictures and music.


1 .Introduce students to an international festival in class with a presentation including a lot of pictures. This is a sample of the the final product expected from them. (Can also be used as a listening comprehension exercise.)

Give them a list of examples (with one or two pictures) of many interesting world festivals e.g. La Tomatina, Rio Carnival, Orange Throwing festival, Chinese New Year etc.

By Ayumi Sawada, 6 December, 2016

Movie Skits

Presentation must be conducted entirely in English!

Groups of 2-4

Groups will choose a movie scene in English, with the goal of translating the dialogue into Japanese, and then dramatically performing (or re-enacting) the scenes in front of their classmates to convey the meaning.

After each presentation observing students will complete a short, anonymous assessment with comments on the performance to be given to the groups as constructive feedback at the end.

Peer assessment can include:

By David Dowell, 24 October, 2016

All Prezi lesson links and worksheet file attachments are below.


Pre-lesson prep - Hand out the 3 Country Homework for the students to complete before the first lesson. Homework instructions are to color the flag

Lesson  1 - Country overview (Introduction)

By Amanda Hahn, 22 July, 2016

Travel pamphlets are everywhere in Japan, and all JHS 3rd graders go on a big school trip to somewhere they’ve likely never been before.  So why not combine the two, and English?

First class:  I explained the scope of the project and showed both my own example pamphlet and a large number of English pamphlets I have collected during my own travels in Japan.

As it takes a lot to write a paragraph of English text, students worked in groups, with one student writing one paragraph.  Each individual made a pamphlet that contained the group’s combined writing.

By Amanda Hahn, 22 July, 2016


The students have to tell me and their classmates and the OTE persuasively why they should buy a particular product.


Explain the goal and give your own very dramatic portrayal of a sales presentation.

By Amanda Hahn, 22 July, 2016

Students write a note of paragraph-length or so as a final message in English to their friends.

In the first class, you’ll want to explain the topic and give them an example, and explain style elements and phrases of English graduation messages such as the classic “I will miss you all”.

Next, students write their messages, the ALT corrects and returns them and students write the final version.

Finally, the ALT copies and assembles the books.

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