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Nunobiki Falls

Nunobiki Falls

The revered Nunobiki Falls has been the subject of art, poetry and worship for centuries – some of the poems are reproduced on stone tablets at the site. The waterfalls, whose name comes from their draped cloth-like appearance, are divided into four main sections (the longest plunging 43m from top to bottom).

Kobe Bryant with a basketball playing a game

Bryant's Lawsuit

In 2010, American professional basketballer Kobe Bryant filed a lawsuit against the city of Kobe over the naming rights to Kobe beef. The athlete was reportedly named after the famous beef, but felt its fatty image damaged his brand.

Coffee beans

"Fun fact" in Japanese

The Japanese word for 'fun fact' is 'mamechishiki' (豆知識) or 'bean knowledge'.

Ikuta shrine

Origin of Kobe's name

Kobe was founded in 1889, it's name derived from "kanbe" (神戸), an archaic title for supporters of the city's Ikuta Shrine.

Hadaka Matsuri Nara NR

Hadaka Matsuri

Every year on the third week of February, the city of Okayama hosts the Saidai-ji Eyo Hadaka Matsuri at Saidai-ji Temple.

Also known as the Naked Festival, about 10,000 men wearing only loincloths fight for a pair of lucky sticks, known as Shingi, in the freezing February weather starting at midnight when the lights are turned off and the sticks are thrown into the crowds.

The winners who are able to claim and thrust a stick into a wooden box called the Masu will be named "Lucky Man" and be blessed with happiness and good fortune for the rest of the year.

Kobe Port Tower at night

Kobe Port Tower nickname

Standing at 108 meters high, Kobe Port Tower was the the world’s first building to feature a pipe structure. It was nicknamed the Steel Tower Beauty as a result of its unique structure and shape, reminiscent of an elongated Japanese drum.

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