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Term Description


A male and female teacher greeting students as they arrive outside a Japanese school, anime style

Aisatsu is deeply valued in Japanese culture.

The simple definition is "greetings," but you may encounter aisatsu in many different contexts in school, including but not limited to:

  1. Standing at the school gate and saying "ohayou gozaimasu" and "good morning" to staff and students arriving at school. Alternatively, walking around school in between periods or visiting clubs and saying "hi."
  2. Announcements given by kouchou-sensei or kyoutou-sensei, or any other staff member, during morning meeting in the staff room.
  3. Speeches given during a major ceremony.
  4. Saying "osaki ni shitsurei shimasu" or "otsukaresama desu" to fellow teachers at the end of the school day as you all leave for home.


AJET logo

AJET, or The Association for Japan Exchange & Teaching, is an organization that supports and provides resources for JET Programme participants. It serves as a network for JETs to connect, share experiences, and access professional development opportunities. AJET organizes events, offers teaching resources, and represents JET participants' interests, aiming to enhance their experience in Japan.

Akemashite omedetou


"Greetings in the New Year" - used when seeing someone for the first time in the new year, literally "congratulations on entering the new year"



Anime style Japanese schoolteachers standing around in suits

Assistant Language Teacher

ALT Advisor


The individual who represents the ALT community as a whole and communicates with the Guidance Division and all ward team leader(s) about various work-related matters.

ALT Leader


a program through which various Elementary school and Kindergarten schools around Kobe City host activities that focus on English communication and/or cultural exchange, anime style

Kobe JET has a ward team system in which ALT(s) are grouped into ward teams based on the location of their base schools. Each team is lead by one ALT, selected through application at the beginning of the new school year. Ward teams are named as follows: 

  1. Higashinada/Nada
  2. Chuo/Hyogo
  3. Kita
  4. Nagata/Suma
  5. Tarumi
  6. Nishi
  7. Senior High School

In addition, there are other types of leaders:

Click here for the full list of current leaders.



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