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Term Description
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The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Multimedia Advisor


The ALT(s) who develop digital teaching resources, including this Kobe JET website, assist the Guidance Division in other IT-related ALT support tasks, and answer website-related questions acting as liaisons with the Website Administrator(s) when needed.

Music Festival


Ongakkai cartoon image of kids playing music

During the fall, elementary schools hold a school concert called Ongakkai. Usually held on a Saturday morning for about two hours, it is a chance for students to showcase their hard work in learning to sing and play instruments in an ensemble with their grade. (It's also adorable.) An impressive thing to note is that the homeroom and music teachers work together to teach the students, and the homeroom teacher ultimately plays the role of conductor.

Most ALT(s) are not expected to attend, but taking the time to come and watch is definitely appreciated by the schools. Half-day daikyuu is not guaranteed, but a nice enough Kyoto-sensei might give it to you anyway.

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