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Term Description


Teiki and transportation card examples

Japanese term referring to "commuter pass." Typically can be purchased as a 1-, 3-, or 6-month pass. 

Important for Kobe JETs: 

1. If you are buying your first teiki(s), or if you are buying (a) new teiki(s) due to changing schools or moving, you must send a photo of your teiki(s) to the CIRs via their work email. Please send in .pdf or .jpeg format, NOT html. As explained in the terms and conditions of your contract, you are required to use the transit money issued by Kobe city to purchase your teiki(s). If you receive the money, but don't purchase the teiki(s), that is considered fraud. (There are a couple of exceptions for ALTs that have odd commuting routes.) 

2. Your Transport Report Form is due at the end of each semester, and should include all travel for work that falls OUTSIDE of your normal teiki range. 

  • Example: Alex's teiki goes from Hanayama Station to Sannomiya Station. For English Summer School, she had to go all all the way to Gakuentoshi Station from Hanayama. On her Transport Report Form, she only writes down the section from Sannomiya to Gakuentoshi, because the city has already paid for the Hanayama-Sannomiya section in the form of the teiki money that she gets with her monthly paycheck. If she goes, for instance, from Sannomiya to Kobe Station to go to the KEC, that whole trip goes on her transit form because none of it falls within her normal teiki range. 

Much thanks to CIR Nicole for typing up the original email this is paraphrased from. 

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