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A group for enthusiasts of the popular Puzzles & Dragons game to share their tales and discuss strategy to overcome even the toughest of dungeons.

A group for those interested in/addicted to the Japanese version of Tsum Tsum (ツムツム). There is also a line group - ツムツムη₯žζˆΈ!

Not some of em, or most of em... or the ones you feel like when the weather's nice, the stars align and you're wearing your favorite pants.

All of them.


Group for those interesting in playing Civilization 5 or 6 - we play both! We also have a line group - Kobe Civil - ask for an invite!

Weekly or bi-weekly adventures thwarting the apocalypse, gallivanting across the globe, and creating more explosions than necessary!

A group for rock-climbing enthusiasts, both just starting out or seasoned - come scale with us!

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