This seminar (originally offered at an SDC) is intended to stimulate critical reflection on some of the foundational concepts that underly almost every aspect of our teaching and interaction with junior high school students inside and outside the classroom. Using material from a youth…

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Interested in becoming a contributor to our lessons one of our other resources? Helping with content moderation or translation? These are great opportunities to practice your editing or translation skills, and add professional, visible real-world…

All doctors study English diagnosis names and at the very least should be able to write the name of your problem down for you. For a searchable-by-specialty list of English-speaking doctors in Hyogo, see http://web.qq.pref.hyogo.lg.jp/hyogo/ap/qq/men/pwtpmenult01.aspx - for an online listing of…

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Today, I am here to discuss something very important to life as a Kobe JET: nenkyuu.


Written as 年休, nenkyuu means “yearly paid leave.” In Kobe, you are granted 20 leave days each year of appointment. These days may be taken in increments of 1 day, 1/2 day (3.5…

Your contracting organization is Kobe City Board of Education, School Education Division, Human Rights and International Education. In Japanese, that would be 神戸市 教育委員会事務局 学校教育部学校教育課 人権・国際教育担当

Anyone you would need to communicate with about work-related matters or send paperwork to is…

ALT English lesson games, activities and more for teaching in Japan.

The goal of this site is to help ALTs teaching English in Japan.

We do this by sharing helpful, insightful, educational, or inspiring information.

We hope this is done in an open and collaborative way…

What is a DS?

DS stands for Delivery Service. DS is the same type of program as a KICP, except it is for Elementary school and Kindergarten. Most DS events are based on the theme 英語で遊ぼう (“Let’s Play in English!”), during which ALT(s) present self-introductions to…

UPDATE: Natasha Miner has offered to coordinate sections for the move with Camden McAllister - please contact them for details on how you can help!

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Student Universe empowers young adults to experience the world with discount travel. For students and those under 26, our cheap flights, hotels and tours make it affordable to travel anywhere you want to go. Although we specialize in…

Most useful information, such as guides, how-to's, etc. can be added as basic information pages, viewable on the main information page and specifiable to the correct target audience (Incoming JETs, Leaving JETs, CIRs/admins, etc.)

File(s) are for uploading documents, etc. that will be…

Let me introduce the Triage Triangle. This is a helpful tool in helping you decide who to ask for help. Don't be afraid to ever seek support, but it's important to be mindful of the people you are asking!


Here is the powerpoint containing all the info given at the Women's Health Info Session in summer of 2016.

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If you take sick leave, this form needs to be stamped by both your Kyoto-sensei and Koucho-sensei before being sent to the Guidance Division. If you are sick for 5 or more working days (weekends and holidays in between included), you also need to submit a medical certificate. Attached is a pdf…

Meeting agenda

  • Build information and glossary out
  • Locations - add most useful locations, esp. those that will be talked about/visited during orientation/neighborhood days
    • Edit current locations needing more information (e.g., KEC)

Choose from over 250 books, both fiction and non-fiction, in English and Japanese (and a couple more). Open to everyone! Let's reading! \(^.^)/

** To sign up for an account, look for the green "sign up" button at the bottom of any book's info page. **

Here are some examples of how schedule changes are often written! For more details and a comprehensive glossary, take a look at the attached Word doc.

Some examples of how schedule changes are written: 10月11日(火) October 11 (Tuesday) 金の授業 Friday’s classes

10月11日 (火) October…

To show a Prezi presentation offline, you simply need to open and fully load in a browser tab the Prezi you wish to present. Then you can disconnect your laptop/KIIF from the internet and still safely play the Prezi within the browser.

Please note:

  • If you close the browser…

If a commuter pass is lost, go to the Police Koban and the Lost and Found office of the train or bus to write a lost report. You could also tell your school and the surrounding buildings of the area in which it was lost. Commuter passes cannot be refunded by the train station or the KEC.