Image policy & guidelines


KobeJET is an educational, international, and culture exchange platform serving individuals from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. Many contributors have access to share their lessons, experiences, suggestions for living abroad, and much more, and the ability to upload images and other media to support these features.

With that in mind, as a community and an online presence we need to do our due diligence to ensure the images and media we publicly share are free to use. That is, that they are either:

To help ensure this, when uploading there is the following checkbox option:

Public use screenshot

Please ensure you take the necessary time to understand these basic web permissions and property restrictions for image ownership when you upload an image.

If you believe an image is in violation of the rightful owner's rights, and is incorrectly being used, please submit a report, including:

  • The image in question.
  • A link to the original source or other verification of ownership.

Report an image

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