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KobeJET is an online resource for English teaching and living in Japan. The goal is to facilitate the sharing information pertinent to living and working in Japan, educational methods and lesson plans, and community engagement.

The KobeJET website was designed and built by Timbers Space web solutions. It is maintained and updated by Timbers Space's founder David Dowell, a former Kobe ALT and current acting webmaster.

The site represents an enormous amount of collaborative effort and donated time by a very large, dedicated team including, but not limited to: 


Cheyanne Bardsley, Kobe ALT 2014-2019

Rory Harnden, Kobe ALT 2010-2012

Camden McAllister, Kobe ALT 2014-2016

Tomohiro Nakamura, Kobe OTE

Tomoe Otani, Kobe OTE

Hannah Perry, Kobe CIR 2015-2016

Bailey Roberts, Kobe ALT 2015-2017

Ayumi Sawada, Kobe OTE

Joy Sung, Kobe ALT 2014-2018

Keiki Tada, Kobe OTE

Georgia Tate Troha, Kobe ALT 2015-2019

Isaac Tombleson, Kobe ALT 2016-2019

Tiffany Tomcal, Kobe ALT 2015-2019


If you know someone who is missing from this list, please contact us at [email protected]!




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