Moving out procedures

Hello everyone, 

Many ALT(s) choose to move apartments during their time on JET. I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the process and paperwork for moving out of Kobe city-arranged housing. Up until now, we've been sending the following information on an individual basis whenever we get notification that someone wants to move. If you do not live in Kobe city housing, you can disregard this message.

1.  As soon as you decide that you are going to move, please send an email to the CIR(s) letting us know. You can send this email without any additional information, just as a heads-up that you are planning to move.

2.  At least one month before you plan to move, send an email to the CIR(s) with your new address and the date you will vacate your UR apartment. We will then notify UR Linkage and start the one-month countdown. We cannot start the countdown without these two pieces of information. 

3.  At least two weeks before you plan to move, tell us the exact time of day that you're planning to vacate your current apartment. We will let UR Linkage know when they can come and pick up your rental items.

4.  At least two weeks before you plan to move, choose a day for your final inspection. Send the CIR(s) an email with three options, which should be days when you will be able to make it back to your apartment by 4:00pm. You should be mostly or completely moved out by the inspection day, and the apartment should be clean. The inspection must be on a weekday and you must be present.

5.  The week before you move, notify your utility companies of your move, if you are maintaining your accounts with them at the new place OR tell us what day and time of day you want utilities cut off (if you are starting new accounts at the new place).

6.  Notify your school, bank, post office, ward office, and any other services (internet, etc.) of your new address.

7.  Submit your Notification of Place of Residence form (blank copy on pg. 24 of your guidebook).

8.  Submit a new Commuting Route form (blank copy on pg. 22 of your guidebook).

9.  Make sure to take everything of yours with you, and leave all of the rental items behind in good condition. Turn off all gas taps and the electric breaker before leaving, and drop your keys in the door mailbox after locking the door for the last time.

10.  After you move, UR Linkage will conduct their own inspection of the apartment and assess any damages that might be present. Your deposit (less damages) will be returned to you via direct deposit. 

I hope that the above list makes the process of moving easier for anyone who is considering it. 

Thank you.

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