Why is my bus/train late? What do I do?

Public transportation in Japan is infamous for its punctuality and customer service. However, thanks to Murphy's law a number of factors can cause delays or even complete suspension, such as natural disasters, "human accidents" (either someone fell on the tracks or jumped), malfunctions, or bad luck. 

If your bus/train is delayed or running so late that you can't get to work on time, please be sure to do the three following things: 

  1. Call your workplace and tell them that you will be late/won't be coming in to work. (This will apply as Special Leave.)
  2. Go to the stationmaster and ask for a Delay Certificate (電車遅延証明書, densha chien shoumei sho).
  3. If you choose to take a different train line/bus from your usual route, be sure to write it down on your Transport Reimbursement Form.

Here are links to service information for public transportation in Kobe (some might be in Japanese only):
JR West: 

Hankyu: http://s.hankyu.co.jp/index.html
Hanshin: http://rail.hanshin.co.jp/ (home page w/ latest info) and http://rail.hanshin.co.jp/railinfo/ (more details)
Sanyo: http://www.sanyo-railway.co.jp/railway/info.html
Kobe City Bus: https://kobe.jcld.jp/KobeCityTransport/Notification/ (you are expected to call them...)
Kobe City Subway: http://kobe-tp.city.kobe.lg.jp/subway/info.html
Kobe Electric Railway: http://www.shintetsu.co.jp/cgi-bin/railinfo/unkou.cgi
Hokushin Kyuukou (Shin-Kobe to Tanigami tunnel): http://www.hokushinkyuko.co.jp/railinfo/unkou.cgi
Portliner: http://www.knt-liner.co.jp/portlinerinfo/
Rokko Liner: http://www.knt-liner.co.jp/rokkolinerinfo/

平常どおり運行 service will operate as usual
運行しておりますが、service is still in operation, however...
見合わせ suspended until further notice
ダイヤ乱れ/ダイヤが乱れ service disruptions
遅れ delay
____分以上の遅れはございません There are no delays over ___ minutes
____により Due to ____

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