Alphabet & Phonics

Alphabet WAR

This game as a bit if prep, but if made and laminated the cards can be used for a number of games in the future. The game plays like the classic card game WAR (may be known by other names).

Print and laminate (I recommend having a colored backing to limit cheating) a deck of alphabet cards for each pair of students. I use a deck consisting of each letter 2x

Alphabet Bingo

Tired of ugly bingo cards? Want some color in your life?

Look no further! Thanks to this wonderful website you can now have beautiful, colorful lowercase alphabet cards in your life. (Uppercase alphabet file available on their website as well.)

Laminate them and use them forever!

ABC sugoroku bingo

1. Once you have explained and demonstrated the rules, have the students move their desks into groups of 4. (Lunch groups are fine too, but be sure to keep the numbers within 3-5 students per group.) 

2. Have each student take out a pencil (colored is okay!) and an eraser (or something similar to use as a game piece).

3. Give each student an ABC Bingo Card and have them write their names. 

4. Give each group an ABC Sugoroku game sheet and  a 6-sided die. 



Alphabet Race


  1. Explain to the students that each letter of the alphabet will be represented by a different number. (A = 1, B = 2, c =3, and so on.) Once students understand this, give them an example problem on the blackboard to work out.  For example: 3-1-20, once deciphered, reads as "CAT."
  2. Split the class into two or more equal teams. Each team should have the same number of students so that everyone in the classroom has a chance.