ALT Self-Intro

Self Intro (Jikoshoukai Game)

Class split into 7 or 8 teams of 5 or so students. Each team gets a dry erase marker and a set of 10 laminated colored cards. (Team Red gets 10 red cards, Team Orange gets 10 orange cards, etc. Write team names on board.) Make sure the cards are laminated! so their answers will easily erase off of the cards and you can use them again for the next class or future team games.

5th and 6th Grade Self Intro Lesson

Write an easy self introduction, it should be between three and five minutes. This time includes repetition of key words and important points.

Start your first lesson by telling the students that you will be doing a self introduction. Tell them that when you are done, they will put their hands up and announce what they understood. Ask the HRT to translate your instructions.