Body Parts

Melonpanna Fukuwarai

Back with another fukuwarai version - this time one that's good all year-round!
Fukuwarai is a simple Japanese game similar to pin the tail on the donkey. This version is based on melonpanna-chan from the popular anpanman series.

Print and cut the face and parts. Don't forget to draw her iconic 'M' on her forehead (or students will never let it go)
I suggest laminating and trimming the edges of the small pieces quite large so they are easier to handle. This version has a lot of parts to teach more than the basic eyes-nose-mouth.

Jack O'Lantern FUKUWARAI

This is a standard fukuwarai game, made for a Halloween lesson. Fukuwarai is a Japanese game, similar to pin the tail on the donkey, where a bind folded person must finish a face as accurately as possible.

Print, cut, and laminate a set for each group (~4 kids per group). One set includes the pumpkin, two eyes, a nose and a mouth.
Make the size pretty large as the small pieces can get lost easily.
Acquire something to use as a blindfold for each group.

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

This classic kids song is not to be underestimated. Done correctly, it will be so fun that the entire class will be in peals of laughter. Sometimes simple is best.

I think everyone knows the song, but a quick look on youtube will refresh your memory. However you will not need a copy of the song in class, just singing the words is enough.

The first time go through it slowly with the students, getting everyone to do the actions.


This lesson is a result of discussion at Job Training 2012. Special thanks to Andrew Foley, Suen Rowe, May Wu, Antonio Vega, Charles Prete Jr.

After reviewing body parts, divide the class into 2 teams.

Draw 2 large cartoon people on the board. Try to make them around the same size. As you draw them try to review the names of all the appropriate body parts.

Draw-a-Robot Dengon Game

After teaching/reviewing body parts (and singing Head Shoulders Knees Toes a couple of times), divide the class into groups and get them to stand in rows in front of the blackboard.

Draw a body and a neck of a robot for each group. Explain that they now have to draw the rest of the robot as a group.

Stand at the back of the room and get the last student of each group to come to you.

Body Parts Twister

This game is a take on the regular twister game where you touch the colored dots with your hands or your feet. Instead of the colorful mat, the students will move their hands or feet to other body parts while trying not to fall down. The teachers joined in too and it was hilarious!

Jellyfish Song

This lesson is a result of discussion at Job Training 2012. Special thanks to Laura Jourdain, Jennifer Nishizaki, Matt Pedler, Jimmy Nguyen, Jessica Dovey.

Appropriate for lower level elementary, or perhaps nakayoshi, depending on what they like.

It may be appropriate for a lesson including body parts or directions such as up, down, left, right, in, out. (Similar to the Hockey Pockey)

"Tooty Ta"


1. Inform students that today will be about teaching parts of the body.

2. Draw pictures on the board that correspond with body parts as outlined in the song “Tooty-Ta”.  Teach the actions to go with the pictures and have students repeat the words. They can do the actions in their seats.