The Grinch Christmas Lesson

Summary: This Christmas lesson is based on an Englipedia lesson, modified for the ability of my students (ichinensei). First, we preview the worksheet as a class, checking the character names and meanings of the Word Box words. We do the first question together as a class, then the students are responsible for the rest of the questions as we watch the video.

Christmas Advent Calendars

This is to teach students about the Christmas traditions of advent calendars and writing letters to Santa using the grammar point “I want/I would like”.

The advent calendar is in the form of a Christmas tree and can be used to decorate the students’ classroom. Students will each get a present-shaped piece of card and on one side write their student number and on the other side write their present request to Santa. The format I used was “To Santa, I would like a ~ please, thank you, (name)”.

Christmas Lesson

Bye bye man warm-up (Hangman but without the hanging references).

  • Draw Christmas characters on the board (eg Santa, Rudolph, an elf, etc) beside a word or sentence blanks.
  • Have the students guess one letter at a time. If they get any wrong, rub out a part of the drawing. The idea is to not let the whole drawing be rubbed out or the students lose! (5-10mins)

Flashcards: Learn new words/Christmas vocabulary.

  • Say and repeat.

Fishing for Presents (Christmas Activity)

This is a simple vocabulary activity that can be adapted to almost any lesson at elementary.

Preparation – 

  • Make fishing rods out of chopsticks, string, magnets and some sticky tape. (Be careful not to get the strings tangled together.)
  • Make small picture cards and clip a paperclip to each card. The bigger and heavier the cards are, the harder it is to pick them up.

How to play