Emoticon Emotions Flash cards with cool Janken worksheet!

I made a dope worksheet with custom flashcards featuring various emotions in emoticon form for everyone's entertainment. (I didn't make the emoticons just edited them.)

Use the flashcards to go over or introduce emotions.

Then move on to the activity.

Use this worksheet to play a (time depends on your students level) emotions janken game.


Every kid gets a worksheet.

4 Corners


Each corner of the classroom is designated with 4 keywords: number, emotion, vocabulary word, anything basically. One student is chosen to come up and be the caller. The caller counts down (from 10, 5, whatever you decide) while the other students quickly to move to a corner of the room. After the countdown, the caller calls out one of the keywords and whichever students that are in that corner are out and must sit down. When you get down to the final 4 students, they must each choose a corner and split up to make the game have a winner.

"You Are NOT Fine!" Warm Up

  1. When the kids are standing and ready for their greetings, say good morning/good afternoon/hello to them.
  2. Once they answer good morning, ask them "how are you?" (You can add "how are you today?" in order to throw them off. Modify your expressions a bit to ensure that they can hear it though, because they tend to tune out and want to sit down asap.)
  3. The most common response you will get are probably "I'm fine[...