Jack O'Lantern FUKUWARAI

This is a standard fukuwarai game, made for a Halloween lesson. Fukuwarai is a Japanese game, similar to pin the tail on the donkey, where a bind folded person must finish a face as accurately as possible.

Print, cut, and laminate a set for each group (~4 kids per group). One set includes the pumpkin, two eyes, a nose and a mouth.
Make the size pretty large as the small pieces can get lost easily.
Acquire something to use as a blindfold for each group.

Halloween Fukuwarai

Summary: This lesson is based on the Japanese New Year's Game "Fukuwarai," where one person closes their eyes and another person directs them to place the parts of face on a blank face. The face always winds up looking funny and everyone laughs. This lesson recreates that game but with added Jack-o-Lantern flair. They color a blank pumpkin worksheet, then design their own Jack-o-Lantern face parts out of construction paper and play the game with a partner using up, down, right, left, and stop.

Halloween jack o'lanterns

Works naturally with JHS 2 because the textbook talks about jack o’lanterns and Halloween, but could be adapted for the other two levels easily.  Also could be displayed at Culture Festival easily…

In class, give the students the worksheet, and tell them that they are making a jack o’ lantern.  In the space underneath, they are to introduce the pumpkin.

I required four sentences and one use of the future tense.  I gave them this example:

Trick or Treat Game - times two!

Here are two mini games I did with my grade 1's and 3's at elementary school. Both work best with lower grades (1-4) but can be adapted for higher grades or nakayoshi classes.


Game #1 (5-10 minutes)

This on is super easy and simple, practicing numbers 1-10. Would work great for nakayoshi too as it requires no movement and can be done with any number of students.

- Prepare 6 to 10 'doors' out of construction paper. Write a number on each, and decorate if you want. Also prepare 2-3 pieces of 'candy' also out of construction paper. Attach magnets to all.

Halloween (JHS 1)


  • Read and repeat the vocabulary from the vocabulary list attached.
  • Explain what to do and that there is a hidden message to be found.
  • Once completed explain the hidden message


  • Do a demonstration with the OTE, they choose a piece of paper from the pumpkin which says either trick or treat. With a treat they get a sticker and with a trick they must do something such as 10 star jumps.

Halloween (JHS 2)

Some Halloween activities after you have introduced the joyous occasion.



Explain that all the teachers have been turned into frogs and that it is up to the students to make the school rules using “you have to” and “you don’t have to”.

Ask students to present their school rules.



Read and repeat the vocabulary, explain what to do and that there is a hidden message to be found.

Once completed explain the hidden message

Halloween Monster Maker

This activity can follow up a previous Halloween lesson or be used after a short introduction.

Give out the two character worksheets; show students your own example of a finished worksheet. For 2nd and 3rd years, explain and test comprehension of the monster maker rules and the adjectives list. Elaborate on the character profile section by writing an example on the blackboard.

Encourage students to be as creative or rigid as they like. i.e. Two heads and four arms is ok. Cutting out mouths or eyes.

Describe That Monster

First demonstrate the activity with your OTE and review descriptive vocabulary. I recommend drawing your own monster picture for the demo to keep the monster pictures that you will give to the students secret.


  • The students each get a monster picture that they must keep secret from their friends.
  • The students recieve the first half of the worksheet, the one labelled “describe”, and write a description of their monster in English.