KICP ideas

Guess Who Game Show ICP

The aim of the KICP is to encourage the students to speak with foreigners in English and develop an interest in people from other countries. The game show format makes it fun and exciting and helps break down some of the nerves the students may have about speaking with strangers.

It takes roughly 6 lessons and works best at the end of the first grade when the students have developed their speaking skills through the hamburger shop/asking directions/answering the telephone modules.

Grammar Scavenger Hunt

  1. Before class, place flashcards around the room in unusual places.
  2. Split class into groups (at least two groups of 3-4 people).
  3. Give each group the first clue to one of the flashcards
  4. When the first clue has been given to each team, start the game. The teams read their clue and find their picture flashcard. They bring their flashcard to the teacher and read their clue.
  5. If it is correct, they get the next clue.