LESSON 05: Places to Go, Things to Do

Search & Find

  1. Have students get into groups.
  2. Read hints/clues one at a time (about 3 hints per question).
  3. Read more clues to simplify, or until students find the correct person.
  4. Students raise their hand and teachers check if it’s the correct person that they found.

If not, continue with more clues and until all groups have found the person.

Example of hints: He is a man who is wearing a yellow jacket.

Afterwards, students can write their own clues for others to find.

Character Clue Logic Puzzle

  1. Before the class, print out the clues in the “Logic puzzle clues” file”.  There should be 16 clues in total.
  2. Place 4 clues in each corner of the classroom.
  3. Hand out the logic puzzle worksheets.  The worksheet has a description of the puzzle and a mostly empty 5×5 grid.
  4. Split students into groups of four.
  5. Explain the puzzle: There are five characters. Each character lives in a different color house, drinks a different drink, has a different pet, and a different hobby.