Letter Exchange

Guess Who Game Show ICP

The aim of the KICP is to encourage the students to speak with foreigners in English and develop an interest in people from other countries. The game show format makes it fun and exciting and helps break down some of the nerves the students may have about speaking with strangers.

It takes roughly 6 lessons and works best at the end of the first grade when the students have developed their speaking skills through the hamburger shop/asking directions/answering the telephone modules.

Pen Pal Project

This Pen Pal project is designed to teach your students how to adapt their own Jico-Shoukai (Self introduction) into a more intersting and full description of themselves, their lives, and the culture they live in.  Using this more in depth portrait of themselves they will learn how to talk to people from other countries about themselves in a more interestsing way, whilst learning about the fascinating differences between their two cultures.  To compliment this, new devices and expressions in English regarding sending and recieving letters and understanding foreign addresses will be learned.