By Elisa Rudolph, 3 October, 2018

A nicely-designed pdf that is best used printed out, laminated, and used with whiteboard markers. Best used right before summer vacation. 1. Divide the class into their hans/groups. 2. Give each han a paper. Have them practice the sentences. 3. Have half of the han be interviewers, and the other half be interviewees first. 4. Place the papers throughout the classroom, and give each interviewer group 1-2 whiteboard markers. 5. Have the interviewees float around and answer each question. The interviewers will tally on the paper.

By Stephanie Edwards, 17 October, 2016


Introduce the sports vocabulary and grammar points by asking the HRT/students “What sport do you like?”

Practice the English pronunciation of each sport, paying close attention to those sports that are katakana words (basketball, soccer, dodge ball etc.)


Find Your Team Game

By Bonnie Inaba, 26 July, 2016


Level ES 1-6

Duration 5-10 minutes

Grammar point I like ~.

Objective To interact using pictures and simple English phrases.

Resources simple pictures printed on thick paper & cut, colored pencils, pens, or crayons


By Jessica Ng, 26 July, 2016


  • Teach animal names to students using “Do you like 〜 ?”
  • Teach animal sounds

Ask the students what the Japanese version of animal sounds are and let them guess the English version

  • Story/Song with Old McDonald Had a Farm

Let students fill in the blank for the animal name in the song, ask how many animals are in the picture

By Clayton McIntosh, 20 July, 2016

This is simply a voting activity to see which cartoon character is the most popular. This activity was an unexpected hit! The students really wanted their favorite character to win.

After teaching "What color do you like?" and "What food do you like?" this game is a fun way to finish the lesson.

By Jessica Dovey, 15 July, 2016

This game is played with a target question such as, "What animal do you like?" and a target answer such as, "I like dogs."  Vocabulary flashcards (around eight) should be placed on the board for all to see.


By David Dowell, 16 June, 2016

This activity may be used as a general warm up/review of the ‘I like  ~ ‘ grammar point.

By Jason Mejia, 16 June, 2016
  • On each side of the CHAT square, the students write down four numbers, four names of the opposite gender (famous people, anime characters, or friends), and four careers.
  • Once the board is complete, have the students write the first kanji or character of their first name and have them count the strokes.  This is their magic number.
  • Starting at the C and moving in a clock-wise direction, each student counts their magic number.  Whatever choice they land on is then crossed off.  They continue this process (beginning with the next choice), until each bolded b
By Eliza Jones, 16 June, 2016

This is a fun game that fits a few different grammar points. Students practice a question-and-answer patterned grammar point while trying to collect all the different kinds of vocabulary. 

For explanation purposes I will use the grammar “Do you have a …?”

1. First teach students a vocabulary set of your choice. I did this when I did a mushi-tori (bug catching) lesson, so they learned the names of lots of Japanese insects.

By Lindsey Coe, 16 June, 2016

This is a simple "Do you like ~ ?" bingo activity that can work for elementary through JHS 1st year.


  1. After teaching the students "Do you like ~ ?" pass out the worksheet.
  2. Have students go around asking each other what they like.

Good for a warm-up.

By Graham Nolan, 10 June, 2016
  1.  Arrange the flash cards on the board in a straight line. You can ask the students to rank them or decide the order yourself.
  2. Point to the first card, for example 'banana', and say that you, the teacher and everyone else is a banana. Then point to the last card, for example 'gorilla', and say that you want to be a gorilla.
  3. Greet the teacher and ask the target question using the first card.
    Eg. ""Do you like bananas?""
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