(p.100) P1 - Tom is studying math now.

A man is playing the violin - Where's Wally Hide and Seek

This activity is best used as a simple review or to check understanding of the present continuous form

In pairs or groups, students read the hints along the side of the paper and find the person that is described in each hint.
ex. A man is playing the violin
Students must understand the meaning of the sentence before they can locate the correct character.

As a second part to reinforce creating their own sentences, you could have students make 2-5 hints of their own to challenge a friend.

Present Progressive (~ing) Describing Pictures

Simple. Fun. Low prep.

1. Students make groups of 4.

2. Give each group a copy of the same picture.  A3 coloured. 

3. Have students write as many sentences as they can based on what they see in the picture. (5-10 minutes per picture) E.g. The bear is drinking coffee. The boy is running. He is sitting. She is reading.

4. ALT/OTE - walk around to help groups. 

Are you -ing?

  • Give out the worksheet in order to have students paired front/back or side/side.
  • Clearly explain the points system* and demonstrate each possibly answer with the OT.
  • Have the pair janken for first go to make the gesture. Rotate after every gesture.
  • The  student should write the confirmed answer into the blank space and the points into the box.
  • Tally the points and reward accordingly.

"What are you doing?" Verb Charades

Warm Up Activity

Hot Potato

  • When the music starts, students with the large flashcards must ask the student sitting in front of them “What are you doing?”. The other student will answer according to what the flashcard displays i.e. “I’m eating natto.”
  • This continues until the music pauses.
  • When the music stops, the student with the flashcard must complete a punishment activity. e.g.  The OTE writes a sentence on the blackboard and the student has to read it a loud.

He/She is gesturing

1. Divide the class into 6 teams.

2. Have each team choose one member.

3. Team 1 sends up their representative who will look at the action on the card and act it out for his/her team.

4. Any member from team 1 can answer using “He/she is _____ing.”

5. Use a stopwatch to keep track of how long it takes each team to guess the correct answer. The team with the shortest time wins. Rinse, repeat.

Note: There are enough action cards for two rounds. The second round has slightly more complicated actions and sentences.

What is Kumi doing?


1. First, review the names of the characters that appear in the New Crown textbook. Then, go over the target grammar you intend to practice with the students.

2. Turn to any page in the textbook and describe an activity that a character is currently doing in one of the illustrations. (Ex: Kumi is playing basketball.) Students will look through the textbook to find the page that contains that illustration, and raise their hands when they locate it.

3. The first student to answer correctly gets a point.