(p.102) P2 - The room was cleaned by Koji.

Past Participle Hyakunin Isshu

It’s difficult to memorize the past participle, but this karuta game hopefully makes it a little easier (and more fun).

Make a list of irregular verbs to be used in the game. My list has 28 verbs.

Make 2 sets of cards – the yomifuda (reading cards) with the present and past tenses & the torifuda (karuta cards) with the past participle. It helps to color them differently.

I played it in 2 lessons.

Passive Nonsense

First The ALT and OTE will demonstrate writing out passive voice sentences on blue, red, and yellow colored cards.  (“Sushi is eaten by Japanese people,” or “AKB48 is known all over the world.” etc.)

Blue is the subject + be verb.

Red is the past perfect verb.

Yellow is the remainder of the predicate.

Show the cards as a sentence to the students.

Passive Voice Sentence Unscramble

I made this as the warm up activity for teaching passive voice.

First, make as many sentences as you’d like to test the class on.  I chose six.

Print out the sentences on three different colored papers so that:

Blue is the Subject + be -verb

Red is the past perfect verb

Yellow is the remainder of the predicate.


Put the cut-outs into an envelope and make enough that each team has one envelope. 

I explained the rules as I passed the envelopes out and gave the class two minutes to assemble the sentences.