(p.30) P2 - What is this? It is a word.

What's this? / Is it a ~ ? Mosiac Guessing Game

Model the dialogue with the OTE:
S1: "What's this?" (show #1)
S2: "何これ?! Oh, is it a cat?"
S1: "No, it isn't. What's this?" (show #2)
S2: "Hmm, is it a cucumber?"
S1: "No, it isn't. What's this?" (show #3)
S2: "Ah! Is it an eggplant?"
S1: "Yes, it is."

Have the students pair up along desk columns and rotate the columns to switch partners, or walk around and talk to random partners, or race in teams up and down the rows to complete the dialogue.
So many options.

What’s this? What’s that? This is… That is….. WOW!

1. Oral introduction – ALT and OTE use a short dialogue to explain the grammar point.

For example: (The ALT and the OTE are on opposite sides of the room. The ALT is holding a black pen and the OTE is holding a red pen).

ALT: This is a black pen. That is a red pen (Pointing at your pen, then pointing at their pen).

OTE: This is a red pen. That is a black pen. (Pointing at your pen, then pointing at their pen).

Sentence Builder game

In this game students score points by placing words on the board, and completing sentences.


Print, cut and possibly laminate the cards. You’ll need enough sets for groups of ~5 people. There are a lot, so you can probably get away with printing only the first 3 (maybe 2… maybe..) pages.

Print a board (and optional scoresheet) for each group.


What Is This?

Start the lesson by drawing only the top half of a picture on the board and giving two options for what it is. It is good to start with something that the students are familiar with, like Anpanman or Doraemon. Draw on of the characters on the board and then use the following dialogue:

               A: What is this?

               B: This is Anpanman!

               A: Yes, it is!/No, it isn’t.

Once the students have answered, draw the bottom half of the picture.

Who is this?

Quick review

OTE/ALT holds up pictures and ask “What is this? Students are to guess what the picture is depicting. (This should be a review topic)


OTE/ALT holds up pictures and asks “Who is this?” Students are to guess who the picture is showing.

Teachers may ask “Who is she/he” instead, to highlight the difference between the two.

Teachers have the students practice the new words and repeat after the teacher.