(p.70) P1 - Amy wants to read the book.

Split Infinitives

  1. Students work in groups of 4 or 5.
  2. Give students an envelope with around 8 “to” sentences cut in half. and two worksheets.
  3. Students must join the correct halves of the sentences and write them on two worksheets (so that more than one student writes).
  4. When they have finished, they raise their hands.

The fastest 3 groups to successfully write all the sentences are the winners, and receive stickers.

I want to be ~

This a simple lesson aimed at teaching students the “I want to be a ~.” grammar/sentence structure.  Students are encouraged to think about reasons why they want to be a certain animal and to communicate those reasons through structured writing practice.

To Understand

  • Introduce “to understand” grammar point with your OTE.
  • Divide students into pairs and hand out the worksheet
  • Set a timer.  Pairs that finish the worksheet before the designated time should bring it up to the front and they get a bonus stamp on their worksheet.
  • Once the timer goes off, randomly select students to read their answers to the group and self-correct their worksheets.

I want to...

1. Divide the class into six groups.

2. Have the students choose the order for their group (who is student #1~6).

3. Explain that there are 12 sentences in Japanese and the groups are racing to translate them and do the action.

4. Give each group sentence #1. The group works together to translate the sentence to English and then sends up their first representative (groups 1-3 report to you and 4-6 to your OTE).