(p.72) P2 - Does Miki play tennis? Yes, she does.

Does he/she play – Battleship

Simple Battleship worksheet, students play in pairs.


Each pair draws their three ships of various sizes (this can be demonstrated on a large copy on the board) then play battleship with their pages hidden from their partners view.

In place of 1,2,3 a,b,c students will use Does (character) (verb)?



a. Does Luffy play soccer?

b. HIT: Yes, he does.

b. MISS: No, he doesn’t.

Does she play basketball?

Create a ‘Guess who’ worksheet, choosing eight character or celebrities and choosing eight activities to do. Arrange the characters/celebrities along the left side of a grid, top to bottom. Next, arrange the activities along the top of the grid, left to right. Finally, in each empty box place an O or an X, making sure that the arrangement won’t give away an identity on first guess.