(p.88) P2 - more popular than... / the most popular of...

Who is the strongest?

Explain to the students that you will be finding out who is the strongest in the class.

Draw a tree diagram on the blackboard with the student’s names or initials. The boys will compete with boys and girls with girls. Place a desk in front of the blackboard to hold the arm wrestling match!

Sensei is the best!

  1. Read and repeat vocabulary. Each noun should have the picture and word on the board (see attached image).
  2. Use sentence strips to demonstrate the key sentences and fill them in with the vocabulary words.  E.G. I like Arashi better than Ichiro. Have the students fill in the blanks as you speak.
  3. The last two portions of the worksheet are scripts.

Comparative Superheroes!

The students must create a superhero and make comparative or superlative statements to describe them. This is particularly useful for practicing comparatives and superlatives statements including a verb, like “Super Cat can run faster than a shinkansen”, “Stinkzilla smells worse than a toilet”, etc.

International Video and Poster Making Project

Make a 15 minute video with 10 ALTs from 10 different countries. Ask each person to speak for 1-2 minutes about the most popular/famous food, places, sports, music, animals, people, etc. in their respective countries.

Find pictures of the famous things each ALT talks about in the video and print them out. Print out a picture of each ALT. Make a description sheet for each country with the ALTs name and a list of all the pictures.