Color & Shape Karuta

Standard Karuta game, but with shapes and colors.

I used construction paper in a range of colors and cut random shapes out of them. Make sure you cut enough so that all groups will have the exact same ones. I made about 20 random variations, some similar to make it tricky. (ex purple triangle, purple diamond)

Just like normal karuta; kids lay cards on their desk and race to touch the one you say first.
ex: "red circle"

Shapes Coloring Game


  1. Introduce shapes (circle, square, triangle, heart, diamond, cross, star)
  2. Hand out worksheet, students take out colored pencils.
  3. While students are writing their names on their papers (in romaji) arrange the color flash cards and the shapes (separately) at the bottom of the board.
  4. Collect students name tags and put them into an envelope/hat or small box.
  5. Pull a name out of the hat and call the student up to choose a color. They must tell the class the color name and hang it in the middle of the board.

Shape Making Game


  • Introduce the lesson by teaching shapes and shape names.


Before class, prepare construction paper shapes with or without lamination. Prepare one big circle, triangle, square, oval and rectangle with increasing numbers of smaller shapes (i.e. 2 medium circles and 6 small circles, etc..).

Shape Uno

Here it is, Shape Uno. This is functionally normal Uno, but with numbers replaced by shapes.

The shapes are: line, triangle, square, diamond, pentagon, arrow, circle, heart, hexagon and star.

Here are Uno details you may not know right off the top of your head:

Jump to it!

  1. Place plastic cards of colors/shapes around the room.
  2. The teacher demonstrates how to play the game by saying, "When I say, 'Clap at red,' you go to red, and clap." and various phrases using a mixture of colors/numbers and actions.

You may also say "Clap to red," in which case the students clap on their way to something red.


*Build up to color+shape+action. For example, let the children try finding the colors first. Next, add shapes. Finally, ask them to do all three: "Eat a pizza at a blue star."

Possible actions: