My Sushi Order


(In advance) Students color printed sushi and then cut it out.  The teacher should have created their own version of the plate on a large piece of paper.

1. In pairs, students go over what they want to eat using one of two versions.

“I would like to eat ~ . Next, I would like to eat ~ .” or

“One.  I would like to eat ~ . Two, I would like to eat ~ .”

2. Once students has said the piece of sushi using the grammar point, they can glue it onto their plate sheet.

Dream Dinner Game


1.     Tell the students they are going to create their own dream dinner.

2.     Give each student a recipe worksheet. Before they start thinking about the foods their dinner will include, practice saying each foods name a couple times.

3.     Have students cut out food on meal card page

4.     Practice dialogue with JTE and demonstrate on large example on board.