Student Presentations

Music genre project


Students each create a poster and do an oral presentation on an international music genre and artist of their choice.


1.Introduce students to music genres. For example classical, rap, rock, country, reggae, zook, folk, indie, Mongolian Throat singing, Indian music, calypso etc.

Give them a list of genres with a short description in English for each one (musical instruments, speed, type of vocals etc). Go through the list with the students to make sure they understand.

Movie Skits

Movie Skits

Presentation must be conducted entirely in English!

Groups of 2-4

Groups will choose a movie scene in English, with the goal of translating the dialogue into Japanese, and then dramatically performing (or re-enacting) the scenes in front of their classmates to convey the meaning.

After each presentation observing students will complete a short, anonymous assessment with comments on the performance to be given to the groups as constructive feedback at the end.

Peer assessment can include:

Vacation Plan

First, go to JR Central or any travel agency and pick up around 9-10 travel pamphlets.  Take a look at the pamphlets to make sure they have enough information and pictures for things to see and eat.

Break students up into groups of 4-5 students.  Assign a country to each group and give them their pamphlets. Explain that they will make a travel plan for the country that they are given.  They must write sentences for what they will eat, see, do, and buy.

Favorite Things



  1. Write on the board- “What is your favorite..?”
  2. Ask children their favorite of various categories; food, color, sport, etc.
  3. Demonstrate with your OTE. Ask your OTE these questions.
  4. Write your OTE‘s answers on the board: My favorite food is….


Ask a question and have OTE answer.

Sales Team


The students have to tell me and their classmates and the OTE persuasively why they should buy a particular product.


Explain the goal and give your own very dramatic portrayal of a sales presentation.

International Video and Poster Making Project

Make a 15 minute video with 10 ALTs from 10 different countries. Ask each person to speak for 1-2 minutes about the most popular/famous food, places, sports, music, animals, people, etc. in their respective countries.

Find pictures of the famous things each ALT talks about in the video and print them out. Print out a picture of each ALT. Make a description sheet for each country with the ALTs name and a list of all the pictures.