What's this?

What season is this?

1. Introduce the 4 seasons and talk about the differences among them. Have the HRT help generate ideas and output from the students.

2. Introduce the sentences "What season is this?" and "It's ~" using gestures and pictures of seasonal events/things. Practice the sentences. Examples: 

What's this? / Is it a ~ ? Mosiac Guessing Game

Model the dialogue with the OTE:
S1: "What's this?" (show #1)
S2: "何これ?! Oh, is it a cat?"
S1: "No, it isn't. What's this?" (show #2)
S2: "Hmm, is it a cucumber?"
S1: "No, it isn't. What's this?" (show #3)
S2: "Ah! Is it an eggplant?"
S1: "Yes, it is."

Have the students pair up along desk columns and rotate the columns to switch partners, or walk around and talk to random partners, or race in teams up and down the rows to complete the dialogue.
So many options.

Black Box

  1. One student is selected to put his hands into a black box. He closes his/her eyes while the item is selected and placed in the box.
  2. The class will ask the student “(Name), what’s this?” The student sticks his hands into the box and must try and guess what it is by touch.
  3. If he knows the answer, he must answer “It’s a ~.”
  4. If he can’t guess, he answers “I don’t know” and the class reveals the answer “It’s a ~.”

What's this? Mystery Bags


  • Before the lesson, set up your own “What’s this?” bag by placing each of the classroom objects inside.
  • Reach into your bag and pull out an item.  Ask the students “What’s this?”  Once the students respond, put up the appropriate flashcard and have the students place the item on their desk.
  • Repeat until all flashcards have been put on the board.

Classroom items: pen, pencil, marker, eraser, pencil case, ruler, tape, glue, colored pencils, book.

What is this? Resources

These are some resources and short activities that can be used when practicing “What's this?” and “It’s a ~ .”


This is a quick quiz showing the silhouettes of various characters. If the students are already comfortable with “What's this?” it would be a good time to use “Who is this?” with these characters.

What’s this? Silhouette and drawing quiz lesson.

In this lesson students will practice the “what’s this? It’s______.” grammar point. I recommend teaching when to use a, an, or neither. If the HRT is hesitant to allow you to teach them a/an, you can point out that the goal is exposure and experimentation, not mastery. This class works best after learning the grammar point, but it is possible to teach the grammar point in the same lesson provided the class does not have an especially low skill level.