4 Corners

To work on listening/speaking skills while being active


Each corner of the classroom is designated with 4 keywords: number, emotion, vocabulary word, anything basically. One student is chosen to come up and be the caller. The caller counts down (from 10, 5, whatever you decide) while the other students quickly to move to a corner of the room. After the countdown, the caller calls out one of the keywords and whichever students that are in that corner are out and must sit down. When you get down to the final 4 students, they must each choose a corner and split up to make the game have a winner.

The process is repeated until all students are sitting and then the winner becomes the caller.


To extend the lesson and practice more, the students are given 3 strikes, which they must keep up with, and after 3 strikes they sit down and are out of the game.

This can be repeated as many times as needed.

Corners can be changed out for new words.

More than four vocabulary words can be used in different areas of the room (e.g., in front of teacher’s desk or podium).


This is a lesson that can be used for elementary school and junior high school, though I think elementary students respond better to it as the students will be running around the room. The point of this lesson is to get the students up and active while working on speaking and listening skills.


Cards will be needed to designate each corner of the room for a visual reminder for the students running to the different corners.

Lesson Topics
Junior High