By Joshua Jones, 22 March, 2017
Junior High
Students practice imperatives by giving commands to the ALT robot
ALTbot command sheet, robot props--optional, superb acting skills

The OTE explains:

ALT is very busy. They can’t come to class today.”

(If you have come to class for the greeting, you should now make a big show of leaving. Go outside and put on your robot props.)


“But I have a plan: I built ALTbot.”

(You enter the room. Try to be robot-y.)

“ALTbot only understands basic English commands. Let’s try to use our robot!”

OTE demonstrates with some very simple commands, pointing to them on the command sheet as they do so.

The OTE selects students who must give ALTbot a command. In the case where their command is wrong or unclear (or dangerous), robot says:

“Does not compute.”

or something to that effect.


Students will enjoy seeing the ALT act so strangely. If you are brave, you could even ask students to try making their own commands! (And if any kids start telling you to jump out a window--true story--you can always say, "Does not compute.")



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