Animal Sounds

To introduce English animal names and sounds to students with a story/song and card game


  • Teach animal names to students using “Do you like 〜 ?”
  • Teach animal sounds

Ask the students what the Japanese version of animal sounds are and let them guess the English version

  • Story/Song with Old McDonald Had a Farm

Let students fill in the blank for the animal name in the song, ask how many animals are in the picture


  • Each group of students (3-4) are given 10 animal cards
  • Choose a key animal and only when that animal’s name is called can they slap the card with the animal’s picture
  • When other animal names are called, students will repeat the name for practice
  • The game can be made harder by using animal sounds instead or names
Lesson Topics
Animal picture cards, Old Macdonald Had a Farm book, 10 sets of animal game cards (cards with all the animals that were taught in the lesson)