Celebrity Super Fan

To get information from their classmates to fill in the blanks using the form [verb + person + thing].


Warm up by getting the students to guess the celebrities and objects using the large pictures. Repeat the names for reading practice. Reveal the sentence format for the activity. This is a good time to distribute the handout.


  1. Students must ask questions to find the answers to their missing matches.
  2. Students walk around the room. When they meet a new person, they janken. The winner asks the loser a question. E.g. Did you show Johnny a movie?
  3. The loser must answer in one of three ways.
    1. [Yes, I showed Johnny a movie] if they have that pair matched on their sheet. The winner then draws a line matching this pair on his/her sheet.
    2. [No, I didn’t show Johnny a movie] if either Johnny or show a movie is matched to something else.
    3. [I don’t know] if neither Johnny nor show a movie is matched to anything.
  4. The students continue this process of meeting each other until they have found all the answers. Once finished, they may sit down and write in the answers in the space provided.
  5. Correct the answers as a whole class. Repeat the sentences for reading practice.
  1. Copies of handout to be prepared as follows (for a class of 40 students) 8 x Yui matched with wrote a letter 8 x Ichiro matched with showed a movie 8 x Johnny matched with gave a present 8 x Lady Gaga matched with told a story 8 x Minnie matched with read a book All should have Michael matched with sent a postcard
  2. Please change the celebrities if they are not relevant to your class.
  3. The game will begin slowly, but will pick up pace as more and more answers are revealed. It is designed to get the students talking.
Junior High
attached worksheet, attached pictures