Christmas Card (ES: Shapes & Colors)

By Georgia Troha, 21 December, 2017
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Review shapes, colors, "What do you want?"

After students have already learned numbers, colors, shapes you can use this lesson to review and get them into the holiday spirit (if your school is Christmas friendly)!
They will create Christmas cards by requesting specific shapes from their partners.

I recommend starting off with a Christmas song to get into the holiday spirit 
(S-A-N-T-A is great for 3rd and 4th grade!
This Jingle Bells song is slow and lets them repeat for 5th and 6th- )
Then lightly review colors and shapes, you'll want most of class time to go towards making the cards.

Have the kids work in pairs and use the following dialogue:

A: What do you want?
B: (number) (color) (shape), please. What do you want?
A: (number) (color) (shape), please.

Both students can then go get colored paper, cut out desired shape and hand it over to their partner

A&B: Here you are./ This is for you.
A&B: Thank you./You're welcome.

Rinse and repeat.

I found it went most smoothly with:
-demo with HRT, and have a card as an example 
-pass out a beige/light yellow blank sheet at the beginning to each student for their card "base". (White made it hard to see snow/snowmen )
-precut and set out a large amount of colored paper spread over a few desks at the front of the classroom
-after finishing cutting one shape, students should be allowed to ask their partner again as to avoid one student sitting around waiting for the other to finish 


Need: -Lots of colored paper, pre cut, can reuse for following classes -one card "base" per student -glue -scissors


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