Comparatives and Superlatives Kobe Poster

By Jennifer Nishizaki, 27 July, 2016
To have students create their own superlative and comparative sentences

Have your students imagine that they work at a travel agency.  They must make a poster that will make people want to visit Kobe.

Brainstorm famous sights in Kobe with your students.  Have your students write at least five sentences following the patterns below:

  • “–er” (Kobe’s trains are faster than Osaka’s)
  • “The most ____” (Kobe is the most beautiful city)
  • “–est” (Akashi Kaikyo has the longest central span in the world)
  • “You can see ____.”
  • “You should go to _____.”

Then, have the students use these sentences on a poster along with pictures. You can have the students present and you can display the posters for parent days etc.


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