Customs and etiquette from around the world!

By Bridget Cassie, 23 March, 2017
Junior High
1 2 3
To introduce students to customs and etiquette from other countries.
KIIF, Projector and screen, speakers, 1 sheet of paper per group

This is the lesson plan discussed at the April Kobe JET seminar. Basically it is a fun powerpoint that you can use and change to suit your purpose.

In my example lesson I used it in the following way (please note I used the audio room for this lesson):

1. First I got the students into 9 groups and drew a square divided into 9 parts on the board to record the points.

While I did this, the JTE handed each group a sheet of paper with their group number on it.

2. Then I started the power point and introduced the title of the cultural understanding lesson “Customs from around the world.”

Making sure they new what this meant in Japanese before we started.

3. Now the next part is easy as pie, I just went through the power point and gave each team point depending if they got the questions right.


4. The winning team/s got a sticker each and that was that.

So, I am using this for 2nd grade and 3rd grade, however I am sure it is adaptable for any grade.

You can go ahead and change the power or make your own power point accordingly.


Please go to this vimeo link to access the customs videos. Also the last slide on my powerpoint was a short You Tube video that I downloaded through (Japanese English teacher, teaching foreigners). Full video of all customs



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