David's first semester JHS plan (2nd/3rd grades)

By David Dowell, 12 April, 2017
Junior High
2 3
High School
1 2 3
Outline of lessons to introduce functional English at Junior High School

Lesson 1

Self-introduction Quiz

Homework: Two truths, one lie

  • Demonstrate by telling the students two truths and one lie about yourself, and have the students guess by raising their hands which is the lie. You can ask your OTE to prepare and give an example as well.
  • Students will write down two true and one untrue statements about themselves for next class.


Lesson 2

Two truths, one lie warm-up

  • Have the students get into groups of 4 or 5.
    • They should each share their statements and have their group members guess which is the lie.
  • Have each group pick one member to share their statements with the class, and then allow time for each of those to share and have the class guess.

Round Robin introduction - using either the original or Halloween versions, A side

  • Basic question and answer review
    • For each question, have the class repeat after you, then ask one student to answer using the provided prompts as a guide.
    • Repeat for each question, giving as many students a chance to respond as possible.
  • Tell the students to pair with the student next to them, pick two questions each, and practice asking/answering A-B-A-B style.
    • Mikasa: What is your favorite sport?
    • Eren: My favorite sport is basketball. Where do you get a haircut?
    • Mikasa: I get a haircut in Motoyama. Do you like Gundam or Pokemon better?
    • Eren: I prefer Pokemon, especially Gyarados! When do you go to the beach?
    • Mikasa: I go to the beach in the summer!
  • Have the students pair with a new partner, pick two new questions and practice A-B-A-B.
  • Rotation explanation and trial run
  • For larger classes: allow students to pair with 10+ students and then change their questions.
  • Teachers (ALT and OTE) can hop in and include themselves in the rotation for added challenge/fun.

Homework: Foreign pop culture trivia

  • Have each student write three trivia questions and answers about a well-known, foreign character, place, or activity.
  • Examples:
    • What is the name of Hans' moose? Sven
    • What state is Disney World in? Florida
    • What country is pizza from? Italy
    • What country is Moomin from? Finland
    • Name five of the Avengers. Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Falcon, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Black Panther, Antman, Spider-Man

Lesson 3

Round Robin - 15 minutes

Speak and Scrawl activity:

Version 1 (Classes of <=20 students)

  • Preparation
    • Clear an area around the board, and split it into two halves.
    • Separate the class into two teams.
      • Collect and swap each team's trivia questions.
  • Each team should start with;
    • 1 Scrawler (writer) to write down the answers to the questions
    • 1 Quizzer to ask the questions
    • Everyone else huddled around their board and scrawler to help answer
  • Rules
    • The quizzer will read one question at a time.
    • The students will try to answer, telling the scrawler and having them write the answer correctly on the board.
    • The quizzer will verify whether the answer is correct or not.
      • If correct, they will say "Correct" and read the next question.
      • If incorrect, they will say "Incorrect" and the team will keep trying or instruct the scrawler to say "Pass".
    • Each round will be thirty seconds, after which;
      • a point is awarded for each correct answer, and
      • a new quizzer and scrawler are randomly chosen.
    • After the last round (you can play however long you choose) the team with the most points wins.

Version 2 (Classes of >20 students)

  • Preparation
    • Split the class into teams of 3-5 depending on size preference and how many boards/markers you have.
    • Give every team a small white board, marker and eraser/tissue.
    • Write a scoreboard/grid on the board with each team's number/name to keep score.
    • Write helpful phrases such as:
      • I'm sorry, one more time please.
      • Question...
      • Please stop and show your answers.
      • The answer is...
    • Explain to your OTE how to check answers and keep score.
      • Each team with the correct answer on their board gets one point.
  • Have the teams janken/figure out the order for their members to ask a question.
    • Teams will practice saying "Question..", "Please stop and show your answers", and a short 3-2-1 countdown with each member sharing one of their questions in the group.
  • Rules
    • Starting with the first team, a member will;
      • Stand up
      • Say, "Question...(ask their question)"
      • The whole team will count down from 10.
      • Say "Please stop and show your answers. 3-2-1!"
      • Say the correct answer
    • The OTE will record the points for teams with the correct answer
    • Next team, member, and question
    • After the last round or when you run out of time, the team with the most points wins.
    • Note: Any team that is late holding their board towards the OTE after the 3-2-1 countdown, or writes in Japanese, will get no points.

Lesson 4

Round Robin - 10 minutes

Story writing exercise:

  • Cut half sheets of A4/B5 for all students
    • Instruct them to use their imaginations and write a one-line original movie or book title
      • E.g. Mr Yamamoto goes to Hawaii, Zombies at Tobimatsu JHS, My favorite hamster named Bob, Godzilla vs. Anpanman
    • Have them "sign" not with their names, but with their favorite English word in the bottom right corner
    • Use countdowns to keep them focused and on task
  • After they write their titles, and with the OTE's permission, have them softly crumple their paper into a large ball, close their eyes, and throw it randomly in the room
    • Make sure all doors and windows are closed
    • If anyone throws too hard, just remind them to be careful
  • Have every student find a new paper
    • They should unfold it, read it, and write the first/next line of the story
    • Rinse, repeat for however long you'd like the stories to be
  • After writing the last line, have them write "The End" and stand up and find the original owner by the English word at the bottom of the sheet

Homework: Foreign pop culture trivia and 3 interesting words

  • Have each student write three trivia questions and answers about a well-known, foreign character, place, or activity
  • And have them write 3 interesting English words

Lesson 5

Round Robin - 10 minutes

Spelling Bee:

  • Preparation:
    • Separate the class into 5-8 teams
    • Instruct all students to take out their 3 interesting English words and/or write down several commonly used words they know of moderate length
    • Give each team a small white eraser board and marker
  • Rules:
    • Each team will take a turn speaking an English word out loud for the other teams to attempt to spell
    • 3 points are awarded to the team unless;
      • No team is able to spell the word correctly
      • All teams spell the word correctly
  • Scoring:
    • Allow a student from the speaking team to be the scorekeeper for the round


  • Instruct students to review Side B of the Round Robin sheet, making notes for any phrases or words they don't understand

Lesson 6

Round Robin - 10 minutes

Frankenstory - JHS version




Isaac Tombleson

5 years 5 months ago

What kind of round robin do you do? What are your voice exercises? Please share your experience.

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