Days of the Week Board Game

By Jennifer Nishizaki, 27 July, 2016
Junior High
Students will practice the days of the week.
Dice, Game board, erasers

Divide Students into groups of four to five students.  Have students move their desks together.  Each group gets one game board and one dice.  Put the game board and dice in the middle of the table for each group.  Each student uses his/her own eraser for their game piece.

First, have the students roll the dice to determine who goes first in their group.  The highest roll wins.  From there, the order will be clockwise.  The first person rolls and moves their eraser the number of spaces they roll.  They must make a sentence based on the square they land on.  For example, if they land on the Monday soccer square, they say, “On Monday, I play soccer.”  If they cannot answer, they must move back to the space they started on in that turn.  If you land on an arrow, you must move back, forward, up or down depending on the arrow’s direction.  The winner is the first student to make it to the end.



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