Directions Around School

Practice directions whilst navigating the school in English

This lesson is a result of discussion at Job Training 2012. Special thanks to Matt MullinsChris ShirleyMalaya ViloriaDavid Howard, and Rory Harnden.

  • Teach/reinforce vocabulary, introducing ‘go upstairs’, ‘go downstairs’, etc. Introduce the names of places within the school, e.g. ‘Nurse’s office’, ‘Staff room’, etc.
  • Break into groups of 4–6 students.
  • One student will be asked ‘Where do you want to go?’
  • After answering, the other students will lead them to their destination, using the vocabulary they’ve learned. Students can rotate in their navigating, so that all students get a turn to speak.
  • Once they’ve arrived, swap students and destinations. Finally, a student may lead the others back to class.

Overlaps with Lesson 5’s ‘Where do you want to go?’ topic, and may be taught as a lead up to that topic, or as revision after both lessons have been taught.

Make sure students have clearly understood the goal, and are going to behave as they navigate the school. This may have to be emphasized in Japanese.

Lesson Topics
Junior High
A school map with Japanese names whited out (small copies for students, and an enlarged copy for the board)