Directions - Kobe Railway

Teaching directions for train travel. See New Crown 2 p10 - We're Talking 1

1. Demonstration               (5 – 10 mins)

i) Placing the empty map on the board tell the students “This is Kobe”. You can use the poster printer at school to make a large enough copy of the map.

ii) Show the place flashcards (printed separately) and repeat. Do this for station and train line names as well.

iii) Hold up one of the place flashcards and ask the OTE “How can I get to (place)”? Perform the dialogue as written in the text with the OTE. Place the flashcard at the correct station.

ii) Write the dialogue on the board. Repeat each sentence then have the class perform the OTE role. Do this with one or two places.


2. Information Gap          (10 – 15 mins)

i) Form groups of no more than 4. Give each student a different version of the worksheet (A,B,C or D).

ii) Determine order within each group (janken or otherwise) then start. Each student must ask how to get to the 2 locations on their worksheet.

iii) After the activity confirm each location as a class using the empty map on the board and place cards. Ask the class “How can I get to (place)?” for each destination and have them give you directions using the dialogue.


3. Writing  ** The map is slightly different** (20 – 25 mins)

This is an individual writing exercise but can also be done in pairs or groups.

i) Place the second map on the board. Show that the new starting location is Itayado and that there are now many small (unnamed) stations between the major ones. *I counted these on a real map. It’s the actual number!*

ii) Tell the students to “choose one place” and write the dialogue from p10 with directions to that place. The large map includes the Idea Box from p10. Tell them to use one sentence from the box.

* Be sure to indicate that the locations on the top part of the map are easier because you don’t have to change lines. Give them the option of choosing their own difficulty.*

iii) Collect the worksheets for marking.


Extra time?

Choose a student’s worksheet at random and read the directions portion only to the students. Ask them “Where is it?”. Confirm correct guesses by stepping through the map on the board.

Junior High
Attached worksheet and demonstration maps