Draw-a-Robot Dengon Game

By Karyn Ang, 20 July, 2016
Lesson Topics
Elementary Body Parts
3 4
To get students to practice saying and recognizing body parts
large blackboard, floor cleared of desks, chalk for each group

After teaching/reviewing body parts (and singing Head Shoulders Knees Toes a couple of times), divide the class into groups and get them to stand in rows in front of the blackboard.

Draw a body and a neck of a robot for each group. Explain that they now have to draw the rest of the robot as a group.

Stand at the back of the room and get the last student of each group to come to you.

Whisper a body part to them. They have to whisper the body part to the student in front of them until they reach the first person in the row, who will draw the body part on the board. That student will then run to the back of the room to get the next body part from you.

The first group to finish gets a hanamaru.


I used 8 body parts (hair, head, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hands, legs) , so I divided my classes into 5 groups of 8. You can increase or decrease the number of body parts accordingly. Remember to draw the robot's body and neck really low so that the kids can reach it!



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